Don’t you just love a good cheesesteak? Full of flavor, cheesy, meaty, a bit greasy? Okay, so maybe it’s not for everyone but I, personally, can get down with a really good cheesesteak! Devin, being a full-fledged meat-n-cheese type of guy, can’t get enough of them. So of course it was his idea to get me to put his favorite sub filling in an egg roll and deep fry it with sauce on the side.

Before you say that this just sounds like a big greasy, cheesy mess, I have two questions for you: 1. Do you like cheeseburgers? 2. Do you like having the option to alter a recipe to make yourself feel a little bit better that at least it’s healthier than the original? If you answered yes to either of these questions then I encourage you to keep reading!

For the cheeseburger lovers, you have no shame in what you eat anyway so stop crying. For the alternative seekers, you probably have made it your lifestyle to find alternatives for every recipe you try so this one should be a piece of cake. But in case you’re struggling, I’ve added alternative options in the recipe below so you can have your cake and eat half of it too!

I have to say, though, while this recipe, without alterations, is so incredibly delicious, we only enjoy it as a once in a while treat. A cheat day or rainy Sunday type of snack. I wouldn’t go bingeing on this one every week!

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