Our Best Macaroni and Cheese Recipes


Who can really argue with the blissful combination of macaroni and cheese? Here in the States, the boxed stuff is effectively a childhood rite of passage. For so many of us growing up, the orange-hued elbows were an easy-to-love sustenance that cemented itself so deeply in our taste memory that cheesy pasta remains a lifelong comfort food. Some of our best mac and cheese recipes honor the classics (don’t miss our gooey four-cheese mac or culinary legend Edna Lewis’ Southern-style casserole), while others take the beloved dish in a slightly more grown-up direction (think luxe add-ins like truffles, lobster, Comté, and fresh chèvre). Choose your own mac and cheese adventure below—it’s guaranteed to be delicious.

Visitors to Switzerland’s Fribourg region who ride the swinging funicular to the tippity top of Mount Moléson can soak in dazzling views over a cool glass of chasselas wine and a heaping bowl of macaroni du chalet. A generous handful of scallion and chives provide a necessary hit of freshness—and draw out the herbal and oniony notes in this dish’s mountains of melted Gruyère. Get the recipe >

Macaroni with Goat Cheese, Spinach, and Tomatoes.
Photo: Linda Xiao • Food Styling: Jessie YuChen

In this stovetop-to-oven casserole, a tomato-topped, golden-brown crust gives way to cozy macaroni slicked in a warm and gloriously creamy sauce. This colorful mac ‘n’ cheese is perfect for summer potlucks. Get the recipe >

One-Pot Manchego Mac and Cheese with Pimentón Bread Crumbs
Photo: Belle Morizio • Food Styling: Laura Sampedro

This one-pot mac and cheese from SAVEUR’s Madrid-based travel editor Benjamin Kemper is a smoky Spanish take on the American comfort food classic. Get the recipe >

Mac and Cheese
Ingalls Photography

Superstar chef Thomas Keller ups the ante on the classic casserole by adding Comté, a French cheese with a complex, nutty flavor that melts beautifully; lots of freshly grated nutmeg; and a crunchy, golden breadcrumb topping. The result? A luscious side dish—or a lavish dinner—that’s a surefire crowd-pleaser. Get the recipe >

Apple and Sausage Mac and Cheese
Farideh Sadeghin

Fresh apples and hard cider add unexpected depth to this easy mac and cheese, while savory pork sausage and earthy sage ensure it doesn’t veer into overly sweet territory. While the simple dish feels particularly apt for fall, it also makes a welcome addition to the dinner table any time of year. Get the recipe >

Truffled Mac and Cheese
Matt Taylor-Gross

How do you take a recipe that’s already so decadent to the next level? Splurge on truffles! This dish not only incorporates finely chopped truffles and truffle oil in the sauce, but it’s also garnished with shaved truffles on top—talk about a showstopper. Get the recipe >

Southern-Style Macaroni and Cheese
André Baranowski

Two ingredients set this wonderful regional macaroni and cheese apart from the pack: grated onion and Worcestershire sauce. Adapted from The Gift of Southern Cooking by culinary legend Edna Lewis and Southern food authority Scott Peacock, this crowd-friendly recipe is definitely a keeper. Get the recipe >

Artisanal Macaroni and Cheese
Todd Coleman

“I first discovered this recipe over 15 years ago. It is without a doubt the best mac & cheese,” writes commenter Jill Hardy about this recipe from New York City chef Terrance Brennan. We couldn’t agree more—between the delectable trio of cheeses (Gruyère, Comte, and fontina) in the sauce and the crunchy, golden parmesan-panko topping, it’s a dish no one will be able to resist. Get the recipe >

Macaroni and Cheese
Todd Coleman

This recipe comes to us from Bertha’s Kitchen, a soul food institution in Charleston, South Carolina. Their version of the classic side dish calls for white cheddar in the sauce and orange cheddar in the topping, yielding a magnificent mac and cheese with a crunchy, golden brown crust. Get the recipe >

Lobster mac and cheese
Todd Coleman

In this truly luxurious mac and cheese, succulent chunks of lobster are tossed with elbows and a rich fontina-and-mascarpone sauce. The whole thing is then baked until bubbly and golden and finished with more lobster on top—the perfect preview to whet your guests’ appetites. Get the recipe >

Four Cheese Mac and Cheese
André Baranowski

The secret to this ultra-creamy classic? A little Velveeta stabilizes its deeply flavorful mornay sauce made with blue cheese, melty Gruyère, and sharp white cheddar. Get the recipe >

Greek Mac and Cheese
Todd Coleman

Studded with spinach and fresh dill, enriched with feta and graviera cheese, and infused with cinnamon and nutmeg, this Greek-inspired casserole hits all the right notes. Get the recipe >


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