Ultimate Chicken Casserole

There’s just something comforting about chicken casserole. Especially one that combines a variety of flavors such as this recipe. I love mixing up the ingredients and popping the dish into the oven; smelling the aroma of the baking casserole waft through my house. It;s absolutely heavenly! Usually, I make casseroles during the fall and winter months when my family is looking for something cozy to warm their bellies but I think I’ll be making this chicken casserole during the summertime, too.

I cannot believe how easy this dish comes together and the ingredients are super simple. Plus, this recipe makes a lot!
My church often hosts potluck dinners and I will definitely be bringing this dish along with me for the next one.
If you are looking for a casserole that comes together quickly and gets on your table just in time for dinner then you have come to the right place. Ultimate chicken casserole is the cat’s meow! My kids loved this stuff and they didn’t even complain about the onions! You see, I love onions so instead of just adding 1/4 cup and dicing them I used an entire onion and left them in rings. It was scrumptious! My husband told me that this was an excellent meal to come home from work too. I’m glad this recipe was such a hit with the fam!

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