I promise you won’t find an easier potato dish than this, and it’s so good!


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When you add some sharp cheddar and hearty bacon to loaded baked potatoes, you get the most comforting dish imaginable. When I needed a comforting dinner to look forward to after a hard day on weekdays, this slow cooker dish became my go-to. Plus, what’s great? Since the slow cooker is responsible for the majority of the cooking, it is very simple to prepare.
You may eat these bacon and cheddar slow cooker baked potatoes by themselves, but for a refreshing twist, try serving them with a light green salad or steamed veggies. For a hearty and delicious supper, pair them with a succulent grilled steak or chicken breast.
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Pot Roasted Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar, Slow Cooker Style, 4 Servings

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