Million Dollar Ravioli Casserole

Main Ingredients
The primary ingredients for this recipe are:

Frozen Ravioli: Cheese or meat-filled.
Ground Beef or Sausage: Adds richness to the sauce.
Marinara Sauce: Use homemade or store-bought.
Ricotta Cheese: Adds creaminess.
Mozzarella Cheese: For melty, cheesy goodness.
Parmesan Cheese: Adds a sharp, salty flavor.
Garlic and Onions: For flavor.
Olive Oil: For sautéing.
Fresh Herbs: Basil or parsley for garnish.
Suitable Substitutes
If you need to substitute ingredients:

Ravioli: Use fresh ravioli or tortellini.
Ground Beef: Substitute with ground turkey, chicken, or a plant-based meat alternative.
Ricotta Cheese: Use cottage cheese or cream cheese.
Mozzarella Cheese: Substitute with provolone or fontina.
Parmesan Cheese: Use pecorino romano.
Gluten-Free Options
To make this recipe gluten-free, use gluten-free ravioli and ensure all other ingredients, like marinara sauce, are gluten-free certified.

Dairy-Free Alternatives
For a dairy-free version:

Ricotta Cheese: Use a dairy-free ricotta or blend of tofu and lemon juice.
Mozzarella Cheese: Use dairy-free mozzarella.
Parmesan Cheese: Use a dairy-free parmesan substitute or nutritional yeast.

Preparing the Sauce

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