Mojo Potatoes

Mojo Potatoes

This copycat recipe of Shakey’s Mojo Potatoes is very easy to make. They are so crunchy and flavorful- a perfect snack or as party finger food or appetizers.


Boiling the potatoes before frying will give you puffier fries or mojos!
Make sure that the oil is at the perfect temperature for frying. Dip a wooden stick into the hot oil. If there are steady bubbles forming from the stick, then is good to go.
Cooking before the oil is hot enough will make the coating absorb lots of oil which will make it soggy.
If its’s too hot they will quickly burn and will result to undercooked potatoes inside.
On the same note, never overcrowd you pan as it will change the temparature of the oil.
Once you have coated the mojos in batter, drop them on the hot oil right away. This is to ensure that they do not clump and become soggy.
Dry the the mojos into a plate lined with a paper towel or dripping tray to remove excess oil before serving

Can I use sweet potato?

I don’t see why you can’t. Especially if you like a sweeter note that sweet potatoes give.

Is it necessary to cut potatoes thick?
Yes, ¼ inch is the ideal size to achieve the perfect mojos. Using thinner cuts will make them potato chips-like while thicker cuts won’t be as crunchy.

Can I make my own batter and breading mix?
I used yogurt instead of the usually spiced flour batter because it is easier and the flavors are awesome! But it is up to you if you want to make it your own. You can also use other spices like cayenne pepper, thyme, black pepper, or garlic powder.

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